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The words Run Your Race are 3 simple words for me. Not being a runner until 2009 I didn’t know what to expect with my first race. Its was a flat 3 mile race, I finished, I thought I was going to “die” and yet I finished. It took a few years for the running bug to bite. And when it did I fell in love what running had to offer to me. When signing up for a race I knew I wouldn’t be the first person to cross the finish line. Being last, well I’ve been the last to cross. It was my first Girls Tri Too race. Not being a swimmer, I went out to accomplish the race. Yes I had a goal time. And guess what even though I was last I was only 2 Minutes off my goal time. My family and best friends were there to cheer me on. To me that’s the best!

By 2012 I had ran a few half marathons and was part of The Empire State Building Run Up in NYC. A vertical race, 86 flights up The Empire State Building. Though my finish line ended before that I am still proud of myself. That race was in honor of my father WWII Navy veteran. My father battled cancer and lost that fight in 2010. Running in honor of him was worth my fight up those flights. I gave it my all, and then some. I left a piece of me, my heart in NYC,

The Spring of 2012 I had a opportunity to submit my name to be one of the 20 runners selected to represent The Columbus Marathon  at the Dresden Marathon   I was chosen. To travel and run a race was a true dream. That half marathon holds many memories, from my host family, the first time traveling by myself, and to a country I didn’t even speak their language. I fell in love with Dresden and the people. Smiles are a universal language. What I didn’t realize what would happen is that I would be inspired by something that was offered at the finish line. My medal was engraved with my name and chip time. Something to remind me of my first International half marathon. Of course I wanted to get that done. As the celebrations continued at the finish line I looked around to see other runners that had their medal engraved, many smiles surrounded me. I called my husband Aaron and said I have a great idea that we need to do in Columbus. Aaron took my inspiration and turned it into Finish Line Engravers now we get to celebrate with many runners, and hear their stories. Fast forward to 2013 we decided to start our second business around the running community. Victory Medal Hangers   and lets say it has been a journey. One that we are thankful we kept pursuing. Our core mission -To help you celebrate your personal success in whatever that is!

All my races have a story, a why. I have been blessed to travel to some races and that makes the story of running a little more special. Key West Half marathon  holds one of those memoires. I went there for a PR, that was my goal. I didn’t achieve that goal, my PR still stands in Germany! With all my races my biggest supporter has been there waiting for me at the finish line to cheer me on, except for the Dresden half marathon, though I called him up as I was finishing, we finished that race together!

This post began with my story, we all have one, and I do love to share my story of how running has changed my life. One of my favorite quotes “One day…… A girl went for a run and discovered a powerful secret ~ Me

We would love to hear your story. Why do you run? Who do you run for? What’s your favorite race? What’s your favorite running quote? What medal hanger design would you like us to make?






Until the next time ~

Run Your Race: Kris

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