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No Feet No Excuses

We met a young girl this past weekend at a race sponsored by The Louisville Sports Commission  and we would like you to met her too. Ella, is full of laughter, smiles and also loves to run. Her motto is #NoFeetNoExcuses Ella is part of the ABR team, also known as Amputee Blade Runners. Her passion is contagious and she wants to spread the news about ABR. Ella finished her last mile of the 12.1 she did with her local running group at the race. Its called Kids Finish First. Though their race wasn’t timed we asked her if she would like Finish Line Engravers  to still engrave her name on her medal. And of course with her big smile she said YES! Her cousins were excited to see their name engraved on their medals too.

Why do you run I asked Ella, her answer “Because she loves to share the mission of ABR, and how they help so many with having a running prosthetic” Let me say it takes away any excuse from me and maybe you as well to run a race, get out there and be part of something bigger in life. I miss running, miss the way it makes me feel, not only for healthy reasons, but that feeling of accomplishing a goal. Training for a race is just as important as race day. You cant get to the finish line without putting the miles in beforehand.

Crossing the Finish Line

I can say I have struggled these last months to get back to running after a injury. I use it as a “crutch” and excuse. Meeting Ella and her family took those excuses away from me. I haven’t shared that much with family and friends. The ones that support me before, during and after the race. Maybe because they are my best cheerleaders I felt like I’ve let them down too. Not that I’m a great athletic. Far from that. Just someone who fell in love with running, what running gave to me. Crossing the finish line is just part of the journey. This week I plan to lace my shoes back up, which by the way are Lobster shoes from Brooks Running  We love the Brooks shoe line. And well having fun shoes is part of why I like to run. RUNHAPPY like Brooks Running says!

Why do you run? Where do you run? Whats your favorite race?


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